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The Verdict

Nick J. Townsend

Nick J. Townsend

Greetings humans. This month is a special online edition of The Verdict due to the entire world self isolating themselves; that means you can’t read the printed version because you’re probably not currently sat in a pub, club or music store reading you’re free copy of RGG Magazine. So grab some supplies, turn on your iTunes, Deezer, Spotify or Amazon account, put your feet up and rock out to this selection of new releases from these exceptional acts who all come from the Midlands. That is all for now.

Hail Townsend.

Nick J. Townsend

Album Of The Month

Bluebyrd: Find Your Way

Multi-award nominated (BCMA) indie folk pop act Bluebyrd from Wolverhampton release their follow up album ‘Find Your Way’ and it’s in no way directionless. Recommended for fans of The Wonder Stuff, Elvis Costello and Roy Orbison. Highlights include the atmospheric rest assuring ‘OK’, the gentle trait pondering ‘Moving Into Your Scene’ and the intellectual dark protest anthem ‘Song For The Duped’. My personal favourites on here would have to be their romantic Bond-like masterpiece ‘Blue Bird’ and their album closer ‘Pilgrims’ because of the delicate use of rich European melodies which cleverly blankets the overall tone; it demonstrates that Bluebyrd have a natural ability to blend styles of the past and develop them to produce a very fresh modern commercial sound. This is a superb album.


Rebelious Spirit Of The Month

Pale: Your Camera Is A Gun

Stafford based alternative hard Rockers Pale drop a brand new tune that behaves as a warning about technology and modern media. A pure lyrical delight that arguably explores mankind’s decline into mass surveillance culture and how it is slowly becoming weaponised. Talking of technology, it’s available on all streaming platforms. Recommended for fans of old Black Sabbath and The Melvins; there’s definitely a sense of fusion between 70s metal and early 90s grunge. As a stand alone song it works favourably as a self contained tale with stimulating subject matter, inspiring artwork and a no nonsense razor attitude but you are left wanting to hear the next chapter so do explore more from this band today.


Single Of The Month

Jim Hudson: In Windows

Seriously exhilarating Indie rock pop from Wolverhampton singer songwriter Jim Hudson and arguably his finest release to date. Available from all major streaming platforms and in your interest to download. Best song this month for sure, so simple yet absolutely right on the nose for dynamics and tension. We begin with a dramatic mellow warm hearted guitar cunningly giving us a false sense of security for 45 seconds and then wallop you are propelled into an epic world of indie wonder and song writing gold. A hypnotic edgy beat draws you in accompanied by warm arpeggios and a comforting but commanding set of vocals plus an uncomplicated space surf rock guitar solo that just couldn’t have been written or delivered any better. A perfect song in my humble opinion.


EP Of The Month

King Corpse: Sacred Crimson

Black Country sludge metal trio King Corpse release their ‘Scared Crimson’ EP and it’s a corker. Their opener immediately explains what they’re all about; large riffs and lots of crunch. ‘Exhumation’ for example has the power of Metallica’s ‘leper Messiah’ and the balls of ‘The Cemetery Angels’ by Crowbar but executed with a very original flare and worthy of the heaviest CD collection. Their skill of combining sludge metal with more unexpected styles is present in tunes such as the ten minute opus ‘Climb My Bones’ which has elements of classical and blues that intertwine seamlessly. ‘Drowning’ has a Faith No More light pop feel until the riff roof comes crashing in and then bashes you over the head with it’s sludge hammers whilst EP closer ‘Sons Of Mourning’ has prayer-like vocal melodies after the breakdown that resemble a Gregorian chant. Basically King Corpse like to mix things up and it makes for a stunning EP.


Lyrics Of The Month

Mistrusted: Carnival Charade

West Midlands based independent three-piece rock outfit Mistrusted bash out a very tight brand new single titled ‘Carnival Charade’ which you can download from April 1st. Arguably recommended for fans of Kerbdog, Ash and Helmet; the band offer an overall edgy well crafted hard rock sound with some metal stabs in there too but fused with an early 90s sound that successfully moves between US and UK influences. A very strong confident vocal performance; there’s a lyric video online so you can better crawl under the subject skin. I don’t think it’s possible to exactly dissect what the tune is about other than they aren’t going to fall for the carnival charade and I assume that means sticking a middle finger up to someone, I still don’t know what some of my favourite songs are about so I’m not going to fault this. So going by the lyrics; if you don’t want to fall for any pain from anyone again then this song should certainly be a good download. Darn smart first-rate rock music.


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