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The Verdict

Nick J. Townsend

Nick J. Townsend

Greetings Humans. A number of worthy charitable singles have been blasted at me this month so to encourage you all to be a good sport, every time some one downloads a song from this selection that raises money for a cause, I Nick J Townsend will eat a beetroot (I despise beetroot and most purple foods). I HAVE SPOKEN. That is all for now. Hail NjT.

Nick J. Townsend

Duet Of The Month

Garrington T Jones: Hellbound Train

Worcester based rapper Norbs Blade teams up with acclaimed singer songwriter Garrington T Jones from Malvern for this unlikely pairing and song collaboration for the single ‘Hellbound’ which aims to support the Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast in Australia. An upbeat heartfelt four minute blues rock rap stomp telling the story of the potential threat to humanity with it’s seemingly doomed current spiralling journey that’s like riding on a hellbound train. It’s a tune that efficiently highlights the urgent need for real change and the excellent union of rap and blues rock is refreshing to hear and works so well. Recommended for fans of Gwyn Ashton and Jeff Lang. The single is available from February 29th 2020 on Bandcamp.plus other streaming platforms and not only is this A terrific song for your collection but your choice to download it will help a charitable cause too so get donating now by buying this today.


Songwriter Of The Month

Patched Up Parachutes: Keep On Breathing

If you’ve ever felt all washed up, all alone and desperately in need of somebody to talk to then don’t panic. Just try listening instead and download the ‘Keep On Breathing’ single by Patched Up Parachutes. A melancholy masterpiece filled with enough hope and charisma to keep your heart beating for a very long time. There’s an incredible amount of love captured on this record and despite the sombre defeatist tones the tune begins with it soon transforms into an inspiring optimistic anthem of modern indie folk storytelling genius. Patched Up Parachutes is a Halesowen based alternative singer/songwriter with a natural talent for writing deep introspective songs that manifest under your skin in a beautiful way. Catchy pulchritudinous guitar riffs; meaningful lyrics that not only make you think but sung in such a naked honest fashion and, as foreshadowed, a singing voice that makes it difficult to not be eaten up by sheer emotion. ‘Keep On Breathing’ is available to buy on Bandcamp where you can also discover his glorious back catalogue including ‘2018 Demos’ and the ‘Unpop’ EP.


Single Of The Month

Freddi Smart & Niven Smith: It’s Your Time Now

Singer songwriter Freddi Smart has released a very touching song titled ‘It’s Your Time Now’ with music producer Niven Smith. The tune raises money for Kemp Hospice and is a lasting tribute to her late mother who was a regular patient with them. Freddi states “I wrote ‘It’s Your Time Now’ originally as a poem on the way to hospital, when it struck me that it could be my mum’s last night with us. At such an anxious and very distressing time, I actually found writing the poem brought me some comfort”. The song lyrics are based on the poem which is about Freddi’s younger brother Jamie, who was born with hydrocephalus and died when he was just two years old. She added “As I travelled to hospital to see mum that night, it occurred to me that while we as a family were losing mum, Jamie would be getting his mum back at last, so the essence of the song is about asking Jamie to look after mum until a time when we all meet again”. We respect her bravery for putting such a personal song out there which can also help others; ‘It’s Your Time Now’ is available to download on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Tidal; with your help this tune can raise money and awareness for the charity.


Rock Song Of The Month

Naked Sunday: Timeless

Highly recommended for fans of Hanoi Rocks, Guns n Roses and The Smashing Pumpkins. Stafford four piece rock outfit Naked Sunday release a brand new single titled ‘Timeless’ and show evidence that not only are they becoming one of the regions finest in regards to writing solid rock ballad anthems dipped in the paint of classic rock but they’re also well on course for being a very big name in the music industry. Since Naked Sunday first started sending RGG their material we heard something wonderful with potential, fast forward to present day and now we hear them as the powerful rock stars we knew they’d become. Solid stadium rock drumming, well crafted memorable guitar riffs and basslines, plus an original singer who commands. This is sheer music professionalism with cheeky glam rock lyrics graffitied on to a well structured slab of rock and roll, padded out with a Lynyrd Skynyrd-like air guitar inducing solo and a 70s gang vocal outro; this song is pure gold. Available now from all major streaming platforms.


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