Ryan's Gig Guide - January 2019

COX MCQUEEN The CautionaryTale Of Cox McQueen A varied epic concept album and rock opera from Musician Sharam Gill telling the story of a Glam Band but despite the theme running throughout there's very little glam to be heard at all; instead there's almost everything else you can imagine. Highlights include 'J4GG3D LYNZ!' which is like a medieval band headbutting Skrillex, there's guitar shedders delight with 'Cox Is Pooped (Reprise)', the dreamy fifties overtones of 'High' and the climactic 'Something Queer' which in my opinion is the most com- mercial and atmospheric song of the album; like an aboriginal crossbreed of Radiohead and Mas- sive Attack. Recommended for fans of David Bowie as there's a lot of nods but this is a dif- ferent bag of musicianship indeed. It's gigantic in production; well thought out and a remarkable album. www.sharamgill.co.uk THE VERDICT REVIEWS BY NICK J. TOWNSEND SLEUTH Group Of Bears Exciting four track EP from Wolverhampton indie pop singer songwriter Sleuth. 'Post-It- Note-Prophecies' is a diligent up-tempo melan- choly synth rocking opener that firmly establishes Sleuth as a deep meaningful and con- fident songwriter; although I highly recommend this for fans ofThe Charlatans and artists of that ilk there's an emotional complexity here which far exceeds the limits of the genre. Pixies-like backing vocals, retro aromatic keyboards and a balance of hook rhythms are part of the formula that shape the overall Sleuth sound however 'Keep TheWolves From The Door' is almost a contradiction to the formula with it's pure nakedness consisting of just grand piano and artist in this brave, gentle and hopeful ballad that makes the perfect finish to an incredible EP. Oh and a group of bears is a sleuth for all you de- tectives out there; case closed. www.facebook.com/sleuthsounds ALBUM OF THE MONTH EP OF THE MONTH 12 rgg Jan 2019 www.ryansgigguide.com